Our cocktails

Emotions, life stories and dreams. A cocktail is never just a cocktail. 
It is the portrait of who we were, who we are and who we will be.

Twist on classic

The reinvented classic cocktails

Low alcohol

Light cocktails that don’t exceed 11% vol.


Sparkling and long drinks. Prepared with two ingredients.

Cocktail program: get involved

A simple, handy and intuitive manual. Our brand ambassadors Christian Olivari and Gianluca Amoni have enclosed cocktails recipes that are suitable for everyone: from the professional barman to the mixologist, to the cocktail lover who wants to be lighthearted
Discover the cocktail program

Take some time for yourself and continue discovering our products 

The professional

Bartender? Or barman? Wait, maybe you have a business? Whoever you are, here is a section dedicated to you. We like to call it “the professional shop”, but for now we won't tell you anything else.
To the workshop

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