The ordinary is extraordinary.

Details. Details are passion, knowledge and authenticity.

If you have read our manifesto, you have probably understood it: we love "the ordinary" because we are convinced it hides the "extraordinary" inside.
We strongly believe this and for this reason we work every day to give people the opportunity to experience extraordinary ordinary moments, from whichever side of the counter they are.

Cheers, Gamondi!

To those who greet when they enter and to those who do not.
To those who arrive on time and to whom, "But where is he?"
To whom "The usual, thanks!" and to whom "What do you recommend?"
To those who only show up on Friday and to those who come every day.
To those in their tracksuits and to whom "Ah, marriage?"
And then to those on the other side of the counter. Those who love to be told "You are one of us!" Those who give emotions to everyone. Yes, even to whom "Will you give me another 2 minutes to choose?" and yes, even to those who "Sorry if I spilled it!"

Men, women, boys, girls. Married and single, in love and disappointed. Who is on one side of the counter, but also who is on the other. The dreamer and pragmatic ones, the distracted and perfectionist ones, the lazy and sparkling ones, the eccentric and balanced ones.

To you ordinary people. Real people who live these moments of ordinariness with the awareness that extraordinary moments of life are hidden right here.

Cheers, Gamondi

Our commitment to sustainability

We deeply believe in the beauty of our planet. This is why we base our corporate policy on sustainability. From the infrastructures to the product, we do everything in full respect of the environment.
Our path towards energy saving includes fundamental elements such as:


we have three structures that provide energy for 40% of the company's consumption.


we have left fossil fuels in favor of biomass since 10 years.


we are equipped with a purification plant and we recover the water for external washing and refrigeration.


we use robot shuttles to store the goods. Their use allows us to reduce wheeled vehicles, make work and energy consumption in the warehouse more efficient.


here we analyze, check and verify the production process to guarantee products with quality raw materials and free from pesticides or other pollutants.
Our aim? To reach a total recovery to complete the virtuous circle that we started.

This way of working comes from the awareness of being only guests on Earth. We believe that doing good for the environment is the rent to pay for our stay on the planet. 

Take some time for yourself and continue discovering our products 

The professional

Bartender? Or barman? Wait, maybe you have a business? Whoever you are, here is a section dedicated to you. We like to call it “the professional shop”, but for now we won't tell you anything else.
To the workshop
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