Born in 1890 from the ancient recipe of the herbalist Carlo Gamondi, Amaro Gamondi is a typical speciality of Acqui Terme, characterized by the traditional cold maceration of herbs and officinal plants.






A liqueur capable of guaranteeing an extraordinary balance between sweet and bitter. 29 herbs and aromatic roots are left to macerate in two separate infusions: The first → maceration for about 40 days in alcohol of roots, herbs and barks that give the bitter tone. These include gentian, rhubarb, wormwood, Cape aloe and cinchona. The second → the process takes about 30 days. It includes herbs, flowers, peels that determine the aromatic, sweet and spicy notes. The peels of sweet and bitter orange, mandarin, vanilla, mint and cinnamon stand out.
  • Liquor obtained through the infusion of selected herbs, mixed according to the ancient recipe of Gamondi House. Original bitter-sweet well-balanced taste.
  • Serve at room temperature or on the rocks.
  • Excellent to be enjoyed at the end of a meal.

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