Obtained from an elegant blend of fermented drink and infusions of orange zests and aromatic plants, it is a refreshing and pleasant aperitif, with characteristic citrus notes.







The bright red / orange color reflects its taste: full, lively and citrusy. The distinctive element is the alcoholic base, i.e. white wine, in which aromatic herbs / spices are infused together with sugar and citrus essential oils. The infusion is composed of roots, herbs and barks that give the bitter taste: in particular gentian, cinchona, lemons, mandarins, bitter and sweet orange peels.
  • Of bright orange colour, it is a fresh aperitif, with scents of citrus. The bouquet is intense, with the typical bittersweet notes of the orange zests and the taste is full.
  • Serve cold or on the rocks.
  • Excellent chilled, on the rocks or as a base for great cocktails.

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