132 anni di storia

April 1, 1928.

Carlo Gamondi was about to undergo surgery when he decided to make his will. "The exact recipe for Amaro Gamondi is written on a piece of paper in my wallet" – his words would strike all people who read and will read them. 45 days later, Carlo Gamondi died. But that phrase and that liquor (his "Superamaro") will continue to live. It is 131 years of history this year.

A story characterized by passion, knowledge, renewal and tradition.

A story that begins in a Piedmontese town: Acqui Terme. Precisely from “strada della Maggiora”, where Carlo Gamondi was born in 1868.
22 summers later the boy took over a grocer’s store and this is the first turning point in our history.
It was the classic grocer’s store of that time, where you could find almost everything. But above all it was the place where people started to know about his Amaro Gamondi.
An Amaro with a capital A, whose bottle has known different shapes over time, up to the current iconic one, that recalls the “Bollente”, the symbolic thermal fountain of Acqui Terme.

Then came 1912.

The second turning point in our history.
Amaro Gamondi continued collecting medals and awards and Carlo Gamondi decided to leave the grocer’s store to open "La degustazione” (The tasting", which would later become Bar Gamondi). From this moment on, Amaro became very popular in the city until it got the nickname "Superamaro".
While this was happening, the moment also came for the words "The exact recipe for Amaro Gamondi is written on a piece of paper in my wallet" to be elaborated by Carlo Gamondi. It was 1928 and the main character of the story concluded his earthly parable.

Here then is 1935.

Third turning point.
For 7 years the business passed into the hands of his son Giuseppe Carlo Angelo Luigi, but his sudden death at the age of forty put an end to the Gamondi dynasty.
There were no other heirs. The brand passed to another family, the Barberis.
In this period the product range expanded considerably, bringing to the market original recipes developed in many cases by Carlo Gamondi.
But like in all great stories, here comes the moment when it seems that everything could incredibly end: it was the end of the 90s, the Barberis sold the brand and production stopped.
The danger for the story to end is real.
This is where two fundamental figures for Gamondi's story come into play, our story:
owner, together with Pietro and Massimo, of the company of the same name in Cossano Belbo.
nephew of the herbalist Teodoro Negro (creator of the liquor Amaro Toccasana).
With a real act of love for a 100-year-old brand, the two took over it in 2009.

And here we are in our more recent history.

From the moment of our acquisition, we have always had a great ambition: to bring the legacy of the herbalist from Acqui back to light, by re-proposing his most significant original recipes. Amaro, Bitter and Aperitivo above all.
Products that show an important link with the territory and to which we then added the Vermouths di Torino (winners of the Vermouth of the Year 2020 award), released on the market in recent years. The latest protagonists of a 131-year history.
A story full of passion that thanks to you is destined to live on for a long time.

To you ordinary people. Real people who live these moments of ordinariness with the awareness that extraordinary moments of life are hidden right here.

Cheers, Gamondi

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